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Transportation Disinfection

Mass Transport Disinfection with Nano Silver Ion Technology

Mass Transport Disinfection with Nano Silver Ion Technology

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people try to reach point B from point A using public transportation. Public transport causes not only passengers, but also millions of bacteria and microbes transfers. Public transport, which is the meeting place of any epidemic disease, may not be able to prevent anti-viral transmitted infectious diseases no matter how much they are cleaned.

Infected passengers carry these viruses to their workplaces and homes without being noticed, and their colleagues, family, and anyone they come in contact with are at risk. Instead of being treated after the symptoms of the disease appear, it is imperative that the disease occurs, develop and be prevented before it enters the body and becomes epidemic. For this, public transportation vehicles should be disinfected with modern methods.

Cleaning the living areas frequently and using various chemicals often do not reveal bacterial cleaning. The frequent use of chemicals harms both the environment and people, and detergents that have lost their moisture by airway can be ventilated by air currents and can cause serious discomfort that can lead to cancer.

The cost of health spending to our country is 120 billion TL per year (TUIK 2016)

Since the cleaning of the environment cannot be solved, easy contamination of the diseases cannot be prevented, and therefore large sums of money are spent on health expenditures. With the latest data;

  • International studies have shown that influenza is responsible for 31% of the days that do not go to work in winter, and 10-12% of absenteeism throughout the year.
  • Our children, whose immune systems have not fully developed due to their age, are more easily caught with seasonal diseases. Sometimes absenteeism increases to 40% due to infectious diseases.
  • Many of the detergents used for cleaning and hygiene in common areas also show allergy and chronically carcinogenic effects even if taken in small doses. It is stated in the Science and Technical Journal, November-2011 issue, that 75% of the 15 thousand chemicals that have been used a lot have not been tested yet, more than 150 chemicals in an average house cause allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders.
  • In 2015, 80 billion TL, consisting of taxes, was transferred from the general budget to SGK. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, the number of people applying to institutions, universities and private hospitals has increased approximately 3 times in 10 years, with a total of 1 billion 415 million 46 thousand 538 people. Imported medicines increased by 16% in value to TL 9.02 billion in 2015.

Nano Silver Ion Technology

Nano silver ions provide long-term antibacterial protection on the surfaces with the ionization of the silver in its content. Thanks to the feature of its R&D and patent, it shows anti-viral effectiveness and attracts the surrounding bacteria by attracting itself.

All closed areas and surfaces are taken under long-term protection without being touched by applying to all surfaces by cold fogging method.

Thanks to the Nano technology, the surface area of ​​silver was increased and its effectiveness was increased 1000 times, but the active substance use was kept to a minimum. Thus, maximum effectiveness is provided to the surfaces and the environment with minimum active substance.

It affects gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and viruses with its high level broad spectrum effect and prevents them from multiplying. It is odorless, does not harm the environment, people, animals, biocidal license risk phrase is empty. It does not have a corrosive effect on the surfaces and does not leave stains. You do not need to delete it again and make plastering operations. It is an ideal disinfectant.


  • General cleaning is done on vehicles. By spraying with a force of 5 bars using ULV device, no disinfected place is left to accommodate microorganisms.
  • The application takes 5-10 minutes. After waiting for a short time, it is ventilated and opened for use.
  • Filters of air conditioners should be removed and washed, sprayed after drying.
  • It has been determined that the rate of sickness decreases rapidly in the applied environments, and sweat and foot odors disappear.
  • As the sickness rate decreases, the productivity of the workforce and the quality of education in schools will increase
  • Since most of the drugs are produced and imported by foreign companies, we transfer billions of dollars abroad every year. Imports of medicines and very expensive diagnostic and treatment devices will be reduced and contribution will be made to reducing the current account deficit of our country.
  • As the number of patients in hospitals will decrease, SGK(SSI) deficit will also decrease.
  • There will be a decline in cancer cases by reducing the carcinogenic chemicals used extensively for cleaning and hygiene.
  • Making a bus - wagon free from germ for three months in 10 minutes with Nano silver ion technology and opening it to use immediately will significantly reduce the costs of the enterprises.
  • Your organization will be a very high value brand organization that also provides preventive healthcare to our people.

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