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Nano Clearag

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What is Nano Clearag?

What is Nano Clearag?

  • Nanoclearag, silver ion technology, is a antimicrobial and deodorizing disinfectant that activates thousands of times with the reduction of silver ions by a special process to one millionth of a millimeter, and does not cause any harm to health.
  • It can be applied by spraying the surfaces in the form of a spray as well as it can be applied as a fogging environment with ULV devices.
  • It destroys bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses in a short time. It continues to be active for 3-6 months on the applied surfaces, providing 100% hygienic living spaces.
  • After application, living spaces become suitable for use within 15-30 minutes.
  • Organic eliminates all bad odors and cigarette smell.
  • It is colorless and odorless and does not leave stains on the applied areas. No additional treatment is required after application.
  • It does not contain alcohol, ammonia, antibiotics and triclosan or any other chemicals. It does not contain any harmful content for human health and does not cause allergies.
  • It does not harm animals and plants.
  • Certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.
  • It is environmentally friendly.


We use LUMITESTER PD-30 for Hygiene Control

  • Sensitivity; Lumitester PD-30 can also measure phosphates (ATP + ADP + AMP), which are demolished over time and transformed into ADP and AMP. In this way, the measurement of microorganisms with degraded phosphate can be made.In other devices, measurements are made on the basis of ATP only.
  • Disinfectant Tolerance; Accurate measurement of environmental pollution thanks to disinfectant tolerance. Enzymes that tolerate detergents - Cleaning agent is not affected negatively.
  • Temperature Tolerance; Thanks to the special temperature compensation function, in emergency situations, measurement can be done without waiting for Lucipac Pen (ATP probes) to come to room conditions. In other devices, ATP probes are expected to come to room conditions and become active.
  • Textile Use; Thanks to the feature of Lucipac Pen (ATP Probes), hygiene control is provided by sampling from textile products (such as personnel aprons).
  • Wide range of uses; As with other devices, there is no need to purchase different consumables for each different area, thus reducing the cost. Lumitester PD-30 ATP probes can be measured from any surface with a single type. For example; personnel hand hygiene, equipment surface control, liquid surface control, product surface hygiene control
  • Automatic calibration feature at each opening (HFS Microbiology as a free general check after purchasing 1000 ATP Probes after firm product purchase)
  • Determining your own limit values ​​for personal control of control points,
  • Smallest and lightest device worldwide
  • Very mobile: The lightest and smallest device in the world
  • Very fast and precise measuring method
  • Lucipac Pen (ATP probe) Thanks to its patented PPDK enzyme content,protects its stability throughout 25 min. On other devices, while you must have the device read within 1 minute, Lumitester brand hygiene imaging device allows you to read within 25 minutes.
  • With USB cable, you can transfer data to computer in excell format and make graphical presentations.
  • Lucipac Pen Atp Probes have a 12-month shelf life. (Product and consumable supplies are sent to you together with the certificates of analysis within the same day of order.)
  • It is produced according to ISO 9001 and CE marked.

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