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Home Disinfection

Home Disinfection with Nano Silver Ion Technology

Home Disinfection with Nano Silver Ion Technology

Unfortunately, no matter how often our homes are cleaned, only a quarter of the surfaces can be cleaned. Especially walls, ceilings and many surfaces cannot be cleaned and an environment suitable for the growth of microbes is created. Likewise, it causes bacteria to multiply unless it can be cleaned well on textile surfaces.

The effect of cleaning is only instantaneous, or we can actually clean only dirt and dust. Most of the cleaning materials we use are volatile and short-term effective. Especially chemicals such as triclosan, bleach, formaldehyde are harmful to health and can have a carcinogenic effect. When these chemical residues on the surfaces dry up and mix with the air we breathe, we can face diseases that threaten human health.

With Nano silver ion technology, while houses will now have operating room hygiene, this application will also change their cleaning habits. Thus, chemical material will not be used for cleaning.

Thus, the quality of life will increase with the creation of healthy and comfortable living spaces.

Who Is It Suitable For?

  • Families with children
  • Pet feeders
  • Patient caregivers
  • Patients who will go home from the hospital
  • Pregnant women

Long-term antimicrobial protection with Nano silver ion technology

Nano silver ions provide long-term antibacterial protection on the surfaces with the ionization of the silver in its content. Thanks to the feature of its R&D and patent, it shows anti-viral effectiveness and provides the feature to destroy the bacteria around it.

All closed areas and surfaces are taken under long-term protection without being touched by applying to all surfaces with cold fogging method.

Thanks to the Nano technology, the surface area of ​​silver was increased and its effectiveness was increased 1000 times, but the active substance use was kept to a minimum. Thus, maximum effectiveness is provided to the surfaces and the environment with minimum active substance.

It affects gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and viruses with its high level broad spectrum effect and prevents them from multiplying. It is odorless, does not harm the environment, people, animals, biocidal license risk phrase is empty. It does not cause corrosive effects on the surfaces and does not leave stains. You do not need to delete it again and make plastering operations. It is an ideal disinfectant.

Long-term hygiene in home disinfection

Spraying can be done with Nano silver ion technology from carpet to rug, from bed to pillow, from blankets in the duvet covers to all household items. This application makes the goods antibacterial for a long time and very effectively, prevents new microorganism, fungal growth and purifies them from unwanted, unpleasant odors.

Nano silver ion technology removes flying pathogens and natural odors in your bed, pillow and around by attracting it.

Nano silver ion technology is effective in products such as carpets, rugs, mattresses and pillows until it is washed with soap and detergent water and wiped.

If you care about hygiene, if you do not want to be sick, if you are feeding animals at home, if you are allergic, especially if you have a baby, little child, pregnant wife, walking barefoot on the carpets containing trillions of bacteria, fungi, viruses, walking your bare feet, crawling, lying down, worshiping your face, hand, foot. If you are afraid to touch the carpet where people and animals are sitting on, if you don't like the smell of sweat, feet, humidity…

Bed - Pillow Hygiene

One-third of the weight of pillows used for two years consists of dead and live mites, dead skin and bacteria.

Without making the beds and pillows hygienic, by replacing the pillowcases and sheets, you cannot destroy bacteria, fungi and germs and natural odors in the bed and pillow. Human sweat, dead skin and natural secretions that pass through the bed sheet and pillowcase also create an excellent environment for the reproduction of harmful pathogens.

If your pillows and mattresses are not constantly disinfected, you are on a sea of bacteria, microbes, fungi, with only a pillow cover and a sheet between you.

In tests made with Nano silver ion technology, it has been reported that it eliminates gram positive, gram negative, enveloped, non-enveloped bacteria and its effectiveness lasts for a long time.

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